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Here is a list of defined terms that might be helpful.

Box: Most archival boxes are about 15″x5″x10.5″ in size, and either a greenish or grayish color.  They have flip tops and frequently hold folders filled with documents.  Archival boxes are labeled with the collections’ name.

Manuscript collection: Manuscript collections are written or typed primary sources.  They are frequently organized in vertical files, archival boxes, and folders.

Oral history:  An oral history is a recorded interview with a person about their life or their memory of a certain event.  Oral histories are frequently done years after a person has lived through the event, so the interviewee is retelling their memories.

Transcript: An oral history that has been written down or typed is called a transcript.

Vertical file: A solitary folder generally filled with clippings on a given subject.

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